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Eco Quote: “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” –Ansel Adams



Eco Quote: “It is horrifying that we have to fight our own government to save the environment.” –Ansel Adams



Here are some of the images I created for Topp’s new series of trading cards, Star Wars: Chrome Perspectives.
It was a blast to make them, and I’m gratified that the folks who’ve seen them seem to dig them.


"14-year-old Parkview High School Freshman, Caleb Christian was concerned about the number of incidents of police abuse in the news.  Still, he knew there were many good police officers in various communities, but had no way of figuring out which communities were highly rated and which were not.  

So, together with his two older sisters: Parkview High School senior Ima Christian, and Gwinnett School of Math, Science, and Technology sophomore, Asha Christian, they founded a mobile app development company– Pinetart Inc., under which they created a mobile app called Five-O.

Five-O, allows citizens to enter the details of every interaction with a police officer.  It also allows them to rate that officer in terms of courtesy and professionalism and provides the ability to enter a short description of what transpired.  These details are captured for every county in the United States. Citizen race and age information data is also captured.

Additionally, Five-O allows citizens to store the details of each encounter with law enforcement; this provides convenient access to critical information needed for legal action or commendation.”

Read more here. [x]

Police pwned.


The AWESOME in this video cannot be overstated. http://ohmyyy.gt/bzgRWG

Wait for it…


The New York Times recently had this interesting writeup about a new material for wetsuits, via Patagonia.

It may not be a surprise that Patagonia would be involved in using a less damaging material for wetsuits, but I was interested that the company has chosen to encourage others to work with material — instead of protecting the right to use it for competitive reasons. That seems cool!

The suit, which has begun hitting the market, is made not from conventional, petroleum-based neoprene but from a natural rubber derived from a desert shrub. It is one way Patagonia is trying to nudge along a sport that has not always been environmentally conscious despite its roots in the natural world.

Patagonia executives are also convinced that the many years of development and testing they have supported have resulted in a revolutionary material that will wind up not only in wet suits but also in everyday items like sneakers and yoga mats.

But if they have their way, only a few of those products will bear the Patagonia name. Instead of holding the manufacturer of the rubber, Yulex, to a yearslong exclusive contract, Patagonia is encouraging its competitors to use the product, hoping to see its use grow and drive down the price.

Other wet suit and athletic apparel companies have shown interest, and Quiksilver plans to have a biorubber wet suit on the market next year.

Co-opetition. Good for everyone. Good for the earth.


Via Being Liberal


Via Being Liberal

Takes 2 seconds….


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